welcome to ily on neocities ❣ org

home of everyone's (debatably) favorite homo furry.

my name is neo and my job around here is shitting out animufied animals & being really loud, especially about my boyfriend. those two things are also the biggest focuses of my site and its content, which you'll see for yourself if you look around for more than two seconds. >_o i post a lot of my art and other creative stuff like my characters but this is also my personal site too, so expect to see some pages where i go off a bit about stuff which interests me as well.

i've had this site since april 2017!! in the beginning there wasn't much here. i started off as one of those one page profile sites you see floating around... it was cheren who inspired me to think 'nah, i can do better' and i've put a lotta work into my site by now mostly thanks to him. speaking of cheren, please look at his site too he's put a lot of effort into it and i love it so much T_T <3

over time i've been through some shit like horrible design choices, discord crimes and a little bit of enemies-to-friends bullshit but i'm still here today in all my obnoxiously gay glory, doing the same shit as always like trying to attack the locals and taking part in cult rituals. just the usual. =w=

most of the art on this site is made by me myself or drawn for me, so keep your paws off n use em to find your way to that good old follow button instead